Tuesday, May 02, 2006

tuesday lunch

My cleaning lady arrived about eleven today. If there is one person who knows me since I moved here in my place, her name must be Lyn-lyn.

She worked as a waitress for a friend's restaurant a few years back. Then the restaurant changed management and she was not able to cope with the change. She ended up in the laundry shop downstairs. Talk about parallel movement (if there is such!). It's to my advantage actually. Now I can have somebody clean my house whom I can actually trust. She takes care of my house, my clothes and my bills. The best part is, not only me, also my friends' and some stranger's.

We would sometimes talk about a lot of things. A lot of times, about other people.

When I was a kid, Tatay would always tell me that only idiots talk about other people. Idiot or no idiot, it's highly entertaining! Thats my once-a-month dose of tsismis. Something to look forward to every month.

The whole talk is spiced with her life story as well. I found out that she's receiving minimum wage downstairs and she has to do house cleaning to somehow beef up her salary. To be able to pay for additional bills. At one time she would ask for assistance and she has always been consistent in paying back on time.

She supports her family. Thank God she's single. Yet on the funny side, she would go out on dates. Or rather, she cherishes the fact that she actually has a boyfriend. They would go out from time to time. And everytime she tells her story, her eyes brightens.

She would complain on how she was scolded. When one client losts his/her shirt or bra, or brief, or towel or rug or whatever. And lose part of their salary to pay for it. She would gripe why her boss only sees her and not the other employees. And she would always reiterate that she's very careful with her work. "Mahirap maghanap ngayon ng trabaho. Mabuti nga ako, may tinatanggap kada buwan." she says.

You can actually say that she knows what she's saying. She has been with me for more than two years now. I can't complain.

It's almost lunch. I have my dentist appointment at one. I'm supposed to be in the office by now. I barely have that drive to move. Still have a lot to complete and finish.

Not much I can say for myself really...


apol said...

Vaklah, sabihin mo kay Lyn-lyn puntahan din ako dito bilis. Statement ng newlywed na ito: I HATE HAVING TO DO MY OWN HOUSEWORK!

decorator said...

karir city gurl ka kasi!!! ayan! nakarmi!