Sunday, January 14, 2007

Good As New Beginnings....

It looked like a new carpet. Pristine white wool. I had it repaired by Triple A after almost two years of careless washing. Actually, it was delivered last November but I did not have the time to get it from my friend's unit until two days ago. The whole time, I was thinking of rolling it out on the floor or not since I will be moving out anyway.

After two years of living in this unit, I have finally decided to look for a bigger place. My shoes are too many already for the shoe rack I have installed when I came here. My dining table became a working desk. And my clothes can barely fit in the closet.

I moved here in haste almost two years ago. For reasons I can't enjoy remembering yet I intend not to forget. I signed the contract that faithful black saturday of 2005. Funny, because I had the place in all white.

Looking back, those two years have been very fruitful. Lots of mess I have created for myself, lots of successes that put me where I am now. Gained friends, maintained some, lost a few.

I have learned that in a lot of times, you have to just take the plunge sometimes and swim your way in when youre already there although there are these few trying times that you have to maintain both feet on sea and on shore. I have learned that while your work improves (or otherwise) you also change as a person. I have learned that the greatest work you can do is actually seeing it done by others who saw you do it. That is the time when you have to move on and move further.

I have learned that friendship can only exist if you view each other as equals. And just like any relationships, it can become a job. It is up to you if you want to work on it or not.

I have learned that one thing good about living is having a choice. The options can be limitless. It is up to us to decide which road to take. Comes with these choices are responsibilities. And as we grow, they tend to multiply too.

I have considered that I am not young anymore. And I have tried to accept that yes, science can help me now.

I'll be moving out soon from this place-- to a bigger place definitely. So far, I have one sure future roommate (Well, my other future roommate still has to decide). I will be bringing a lot of things out with me now. Unlike two years ago, I brought nothing. Yes, including the repaired white wool rug, I think I will still need to sweep the dirt off my feet under it.

And yes, I would need a parking space soon...
This is going to be a perfect year!