Monday, March 24, 2008

moving out---moving in

The last week was short of a trauma for me. No amount of work/projects/rakets can compete with 'moving houses'.

Thankfully, there's Lyn-lyn, my new ward. She stayed with me until five in the morning just trying to arrange and clean everything that was left from my already edited household stuff. There's Zaki and the boys of my contractor to transfer my furniture pieces and appliances making use of the trolley that Ricci sold me half the price. 

Thankfully, Nanay and Tatay, and Mama Son got dragged to aid my already ailing finances. 

Here's a glimpse of the house. It is not done yet. My table is still not here and so is my drop-light. I still dream of a flat TV though the wall for it is already done. There is no turning back now...

Dining area. Still using my old table which will be converted to a study when the base of my dining table arrives. 

The bedroom. The bed is a gift from my contractor. Headboard is made of scrap hardwood. 

The living area with the toille paded wall. At the far end is my work station. And yes, it is a view to behold.