Friday, May 12, 2006

How to set the sea on fire!

carlo and coni when we were stranded at the iloilo airport... thanks to cebu pacific!

In one of our coffee breaks (spell break as loooong break), Carlo and I would kid around settling to our respective home provinces eventually when we are in our fortys. He in Palawan and I in Antique. Since the two provinces are almost directly facing each other, divided by the vast Sulo Sea, we promised ourselves that we will visit each other from time to time.

Rather, the best solution- to buy an island somewhere in the Cuyo group of islands which is located in the central part of Sulo Sea and eventually meet midway. Considering that both of us would have our own (to climb further the social ladder) yachts. Or make it supercat para mas mabilis.

The plan is that we will meet at least once a year there.

"Uhmm (galing sa ilong), Carlo, nabobore ako. Magkita tayo in three hours."

On our way there, we would sit at the deck of the ship, arms stretched forming a V. In each arm, holding thirty yards of light orange fabric, make it gina silk or tafetta (kung walang budget). From afar, its like setting the sea on fire.

We will do this everytime until it becomes an event in the quiet, quaint peaceful islands of Cuyo. We will invite more friends to do the same. Until it becomes a fleet everytime.

And when it becomes a yearly event, Carlo will not just be known for Zsa Zsa Zaturnah...


goddess said...

Hi! Was quite surprised to see our pic here.:)...Was there when these two came up with this grand idea... I can't wait for the day when it'll finally happen. And would hopefully not end up dying for holding my breath for soo long. :) *mwah*

decorator said...

hi cons!

hhahaahha... let me access your profile goddess!

apol said...

Ating, sali ako sa yearly event na ito! Puwedeng magenta ang color ko? Of the finest silk I promise. Oh, and fuschsiang bikini and costume ko. VAKLAH!!!

decorator said...


game! dagdag sa reasons para umuwi ng pilipinas every year!