Saturday, May 27, 2006


photo by heidi pascual

I had dinner with a group of friends today. It was a despedida party for an officemate who is leaving at the end of the month. It was the same group that went to a trip on some island in Cebu before. Surely, an island can bind people well somehow.

I arrived terribly late as when they are on their way there, I was still grasping for excuses to take my leave from another friend who's house we are going to feature about seven kilometres away.

The sisig rice was spiced with laughter as we discussed events about what our speculations on how things (and people) pushed him to resign. The humor was not as sweet as the bottomless ice tea yet just right sawsawan for the inasal, I don't have to make one for my pecho. Grilling people is one specialty. Funny, the conversation flowed as segmented as Pulp Fiction and pretty much unlike how these people would write an article. Then again, at the end, you get the real picture, a full course meal topped with bibingka for dessert. I decided not to take a bite from the diminutive bibingka. Not much praises either from the ones who did. Just like how the story unfolded at the end of the night. Quite a combination of flavors- schemes, deceit, ambition leading to a unavoidable tragic end.

I was on my way out of the restaurant when I actually realize that the whole thing, humorously discussed, was very poignant. And in times like these people are tried. No winners nor losers, regardless of the outcome, it is how you take that very end that determines what type of person you are.

I will sure miss this friend.

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