Wednesday, May 24, 2006

action star

Holding the clutch, I tried to step on the second gear while making the turn. I was on my way to the beach, thinking that its November 1, nobody will be there. I didn't make it to the beach. It was with that turn that my rear gear slid on a not-so-big rock on the paved dirt road about twenty meters away from our house.

While I was trying to collect my thoughts with my body totally not holding on to something, suspended in mid-air, all I can remember was two seconds of flight and I landed hand first, then elbows, waist, thighs, knees and feet. Of all places, on a poor imitation of the lunar surface. Then I felt the manibela on my inner left leg.

Upon landing, the first thing on my mind was-- "Is there anybody in the vicinity?" I quickly got up, grabbed my scooter and decided to go back home. By some stroke of badluck, nobody was there. Not even the ward. I was standing there at the gate of our house, yes, along the road, with my dusty bike for a good five minutes until I noticed people on tricycles passing by staring at me. I thought I was so popular that they have to actually slow down just to look. Oh yes, stare they did, but not because I'm famous. Before I get to check myself, I saw blood on the driveway by our gate. Coming from the direction where I am standing. Then I saw my once beige shorts turned dark wine on the left thigh. And I felt my fingers dripping.

It was at that time I felt dizzy and decided to sit. A good ten minutes and I saw my parents' car. I rushed to the bathroom and decided to take a shower and clean myself. Clean meaning, pulling every single gravel that got embedded to the upper layer of the skin. The bathroom floor turned pink. Exactly the pink I wanted for the accent wall of one of my clients. Too bad I was not able to document the color because I got too preoccupied with too much gravel on my hands and legs.

It was after the betadine that I found out that I can barely walk. It was damn painful. And in a matter of less than five seconds, I limped for about a month. The bike was sold while I was still limping.

I still have the scars on my legs now. No amount of contractubex gel was able to remove it. Yet when I went home recently, I actually thought my scars are gone already, at least to my parents, for they were so excited to give me another gift...


meems said...

this reminds me of an incident nga nag sprawl ako sa ground kag ang bike nag end up sa babaw kang likod ko and u ended up on top of the bike... arouch!! ahahaha. till now hindi ko mafigure out kung paano natabo ato kay ikaw man ang nagadara kang bike.... despite sa mga pilas nga natamo ko, labyu man gihapon.. labyu gidkatama :)

decorator said...

ahahahahha.. actually, how did that happen?

labyu too cuz!