Friday, August 31, 2007

Make-overdosed... con't.

I woke-up this evening with a text message,

"Evryone was amazd s trnsfrmtn hngng opis ko dala me un mag... U wer rly a blssing 4 us..."

It was from Grace, the home-owner of RL's grand make-over winner. The same make-over that I was whining about a few weeks back. I called my boss after that. She asked me if indeed, the whole thing was worth it. I can't help but agree with her. It was worth it.

Admittedly, it took me some time to decode the message, but surely, it is making me smile right now.

Buy your copy of the september issue of Real Living Magazine and you'll see why.

Here's a preview...


midicrux said...

Dear Gwyn,

This opportunity may suit you quite well! Please visit and type "Venetian Macao". There are openings for stage management leads and technicians, as well as costume leads. Cirque de Soleil's new Asian home shall be in Macao in 2008.

I know you've been longing to return to the theatre...and I've never seen anything as magical, and as flexible (contortionistically speaking) as the Cirque. Good luck!!!!!


mida :)

P.S. Quick, before the retiring Disney actors/singers/dancers beat you and the rest of Dulaang UP to it!!!

decorator said...

hi mids!

i checked the website and God knows how i want to part of that... bad thing is that i am stuck here in the country. that is my promise to my mom. can't work abroad...


but thanks. i really appreciate it. i might be hk end of sept. can i spend a night in your place? before my flight to gatwick.

The Disparate Housewife said...

Wow! Wow! I love RL. :)

decorator said...

thanks ianne... i love you!