Sunday, August 12, 2007

the other blog...

It was not so long ago when I got my account on that site. I totally forgot about it because I would rather doodle something here in Somehow, I feel more at home with this site to write anything. I refuse to write a blog in either primarily because the people there got to know me first before they got to read me. And there are just a lot of them in my list. Blogspot however gave me this false shroud of anonymity, no matter how false, it still is a shroud.

Anyway, it was my sister that reminded me of multiply dot com. She was creating an account and thinking of inviting me in her network when I was having dinner in their house. That did it. A few days later, it became a family reunion of sorts. My mother, of all people is part of my network. My mother to my nieces. 

When the pictures were uploaded and posted, our network became a family album. Until the blogs came. It was then the very core of our relations are tackled and observed. Reading each blog and comments made me think what a complex family my mother has. Each has their own opinion on things. Each has the capacity to pierce but would rather use it to heal. 

It was different when we were just kids. When all we care was to go to the beach as a group then walk through the nyugan (which is now gone and converted into a public market), tell Inggo to get us all the buko to quench everyone's craving, then spend the afternoons climbing sineguelas and mangga. Our only problem during that time was one of our aunts- she had the temper of a stereotyped spinster and by virtue of being single, she was our all time guardian, or better call that a security guard. 

And now, we are actually as old as she was during that time. Each possessing a trait similar. Quite interesting and yes, the story has just started. I really don't know where this leads to.

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