Saturday, February 17, 2007

NON-writer's angsts... 2

My editor told me that I can write well in my blog yet my articles are poorly written.

The last article I wrote for a magazine was a commentary on Philippine furniture design. A former officemate asked me write something on trends on design, how the business started and how it is doing now in the country. My diminutive writing ego was totally intimidated and told her that I can't do it. She told me to just scribble something and she will take care of it. I did. She had it published in their November issue. A number of friends got to read it on board Philippine Airlines and told me it was nice. It made my day. Rather days. Until now, I still receive text messages about it.

It is funny that after working in the magazine industry for almost five years now, styling over a hundred homes, doing countless set-ups, choosing products to feature (my, if only these stores know it everytime I enter their doors), it is rare that I will receive text messages about what I did considering the degree of difficulty of the set-up or home shoots. Not that I am begging for it, not that I'm needing it, but it sure boosts one's ego if you get one.

I have said before that I sure want to work in the magazines when I was still a student in design-- primarily because I have believed that I am a better critic than a designer. I sure entered the business and did something else-- exposing my work for critics. Yet writing something about somebody's work is still far from reach. I guess, it will never happen. But yes, I sure am contented where I am now. (In the industry I mean, in life, that's another thread.)

Writing on the other hand is one dream I have to put aside. It is accepting my limitations and moving forward to other avenues. Doing it from time to time in other magazines (and publications) feeds my whim (and fear).

It's funny because, in my home magazine, the last time I wrote something substantial was (aside from the bookazine) about three years ago- shopping flowers in Dangwa. Funnier, it was minimally edited.

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