Sunday, February 18, 2007

I love the nightlife...


After years of fun and bottles of alcohol. I have finally decided that if ever I will go out in Manila's nightlife, it will be to accompany some friends and just to see the current crowd painting the town. It will be rare, unlike before. It will be much sober, unlike before. It will be more relaxed, unlike before.

Manila's nightlife has gotten younger and younger. Or maybe I'm the one getting older. The crowd does have the same faces every weekend for about a year or two. Then it will have additional few younger faces after a few months. Music continuously evolves to a more dreamy and grotesque themes in mixed beats. And so is fashion- more eclectic. Although at some point, got boring. If you go out twice a year with six-month intervals, you will not be missing a thing.

Bars lives peak in a year and unless they renovate or add some additional features, go downhill and eventually close down. And the same crowd will transfer to another new venue and waste that place for the same span of time until another new bar opens.

I was not planning to go out last night. I have been wanting to stay at home and watch dvd while doing some drawings. Until Lloyd (who apparently is one party animal who is terribly bored partying in Manila) asked me to join him for dinner after going to the gym. We had dinner at SM North (my, reminds me of college years). Then another friend called-- Wilan is from San Fernando. Lloyd got excited and proposed that we go out and have fun-- in Angeles City. I have to call Paul, since we are supposed to see each other that night. Paul agreed. A few minutes later, we found ourselves in NLEX driving to San Fernando to pick-up Wilan to party in Angeles.

We hopped from one bar to another. Lloyd met a few friends who practically got us in to bars and places for free. Ended up eating the best sisig in the palengke at about four in the morning. Paul brought me home at about six.

The experience was different. We are thinking of going back there next week.


apol said...

Kakaiba ang trip ng ate ko...

decorator said...

actually... pati ako nabigla. pero ang saya. walang nakakakilala sayo.

pwede magwala. hehhehehheh!!!