Monday, February 05, 2007


try visiting this....

A friend has been asking me for the longest time to make a blog about design. Afterall, that is what I do (or at least pretend to do). And I would always contemplate about it and decide not to because I am not a writer. So how can I possibly make an essay about a certain tea-pot designed by some blond lashed genius who doesn't even know where Manila is or if ever, still calls the Republic of the Philippines - P.I.? Po*#-i*& sh*t!

On the other hand, on our private moments, we will always talk about the common sins prevalent inside our homes. And other sins involving design and decorating. Yet we can't find a public venue for it.

Ok, I have to write this disclaimer---

Whatever is written there is not meant to insult but to correct. It is not written to ridicule but to improve. And yes, if you commit a crime as defined in that blog, you will never go to jail!


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