Monday, February 12, 2007

The morning after...

It was the term my aunt wrote as a salutation on a photo she sent to my grandmother.

Querida Mama,

And so I thought it was ill meant to have sent my grandmother such. Then my mother told me it means "Dear" or "Darling" or some term of endearment fit for somebody special.


How the word got its meaning now is another story. In fact, a story unkown to me. The origin of how it became a slang is something I have not heard of. Though how we take such word right now I know every single sigh and syllable of it. It takes one to know one, I guess.

It was supposed to be a one night stand. It went down to us seeing each other everyday and eventually got into holding each other's hands. As if it is the most private part. I pressumed that both of us are single since either of us showed no signs of being not. My mistake.

It was my turn to be brought to the other person's place. It was remarkably designed. Quite dated in choice of accessories and hues but nonetheless, it was impressive. On each console
stood the family photos. Except for one console- the foyer. It was the person I'm holding hands with embraced by some unfamiliar face.

I was told a few days before about the fact. I brushed it aside. Thinking I can handle it since the other party is not here. Or I can just forget about it. Until last night.

It wasn not only on the foyer console, worse, the bedside table.

I went home this morning to catch my eight in the morning shoot... inside the cab, I wrote this--

Uuwi na ako

Umaga na naman
Nakasisilaw ang pumapanhik
Na Araw
Binibigyang liwanag ang mga kanto't
Kalyeng masalimuot.

Uuwi na ako.
Sabi ko
Galing sa bahay mo. Maginaw.
Galing sa yakap na nailaan.

Umaga na naman.
Nakasisilaw ang katotohanan.
Ipinapahiwatig na ako'y


apol said...

uy, ang sad, ati... i hope the sex is at least fabulous.

decorator said...

fabulous to say the least is a bit too ambitious... a step lower than fabulous yet steps higher than just good is more apt.