Wednesday, June 06, 2007

bionic eye... bionic man

When I was a kid, I had this wish of wanting to see more than what the others can see. Blame Superman's x-ray vision, it gave me the idea. This continued until now. Maybe its just plain voyeurism or something else. Or maybe the idea of being empowered just being able to see what others can't. Actually, maybe the idea of being ahead all the time. The desire to have an ace on your sleeve than just playing it fair and square.

"Hindi ako lalaban ng patas..." I would always declare.

If there is one thing about what playing chess has taught me, it's thinking at least three moves ahead your opponent. In life, I guess it will always be like that- thinking ahead of everybody else. Especially in the industry where I am. Life afterall is one big chessboard. Although a lot of my friends would call it- beauty contest.

And a few would call it- plain and simple- life. I wish I can be like that. Just calling it as it is. I'm getting tired. Yet, admitedly, it is fun a lot of times. I think I can still be part of the game...

"...kaya ko pa. Di ko naman sinabi na lalaban ako ng patas eh..."

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