Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Six Weird Things

Ianne tagged me for this one... it's 5:30 AM and I just got home from a set-up for an exhibit in Greenbelt 3. And I can't help myself... So here it is...


Tagged! This is what you are supposed to do. Cut and paste if you decide to participate in the tagging game.

Each player of this game starts off by giving six weird things about themselves. People who get tagged need to write in a blog of their own six weird things as well as state the rules clearly. In the end, you need to choose six people to be tagged and list their names.

After you do that, leave them each a comment letting them know you tagged them and to read your blog.


1. I am addicted to playing chess in my phone. And I hate losing yet I would impose a touch-move rule on myself all the time, half the time, I would have myself check-mated to hasten the game.

2. I don't eat cheese. I hate cheese. Of any kind... except mozarella on pizza occasionally (rarely).

3. My record in chatting in MIRC is 76 hours and 30 minutes of non-stop chatting without solid food and sleep. Thing is, it was in a cafe that charges sixty pesos an hour and the cafe was open for 24 hours a day.

4. You can leave me inside a homestore the whole afternoon and find me still lingering there closing time. The maximum time I would spend inside a clothes shop is 30 minutes.

5. I like to walk. Walking for me is one effective way in easing stress. When I was working in Budji, I would walk from Reposo to Rustan's in Ayala almost everyday. Thrice I have walked from Galleria to WackWack via Shaw.

6. My complete name is Gwyn Gunder Salazar Guanzon. I don't know what my parents were thinking when they gave me the name.

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The Disparate Housewife said...

Gwyn Gunder! Fabulous!