Monday, April 30, 2007

taken for granted...

It was the time one of the aunties came from the states and all of the nephews and neices went to her house to pay their respects and expect some pasalubong. You get to follow the queue leading to the visiting aunt. When it was your turn to kiss, no single pasalubong was given to you.

It is your Citzen's Army Training Officers distribution of designations and positions. You are one of those who got the higher ten percentile in the training exam. You scanned the list. Found your name in the bottom part-- Color Officer. All of your friends became company commanders.

During college, you wanted to be part of an organization. You went through the usual process of application. Did everything the members required. Came induction, from the eight applicants left, you are one of the two who did not become full fledged members but was given another year of training as apprentice.

Professionally, you are doing okay in your job. Your colleagues respect your work. Came a memo from the Human Resource Department, they don't even know your exact gender.

You are seeing this person for quite sometime knowing fully well that you might just deserve somebody better whom you can call yours. And then both of you went out of town-- on separate flights and destinations. Upon returning to Manila, you got to miss the person terribly. While the vacation the other took became a week longer than yours, it got extended another week in another destination. And finally, the day came when both of you are here in Manila yet you can't meet each other because of some schedule glitch yet on your part, you have kept the entire night's schedule open... somehow.

Now, tell me, have you had similar incidents? Have you ever been taken for granted?


Anonymous said...

goshhhh, my idol... can't believe I am reading your blog.

I am your avid fan!!!


decorator said...

my my...

who might you be?

Tisha said...

Yes, I've been taken for granted. So I left his sorry ass. Haha.

(Ang lakas ng loob kong magsalita, cry naman ako noon! Olats.)

Yihee, admirer!

Mariel said...

Shet! Ang gwapo mo sa picture Gwyn! ;) Oo, lahat tayo na-'taken for granted.' Ang statement lang diyan ay "Kung ayaw mo di 'wag!" Then cry the whole weekend (use Kleenex Menthol tissues), come Monday, tapuz! ;) Misyu.

decorator said...

ay in fairness sa kleenex! bango ng eucalyptus.

misyu too ate.