Thursday, April 05, 2007

the count dracula in me...

It has been a year since I started writing blogs. I remember the first entry was about the Holy Week. It has been a year that I have been pouring my cares fearlessly in the net.

It has been two years since I moved here in my unit. It was Holy Week when I signed the contract two years ago. And I have decided to stay here another year. Signed the new contract last week.

It has been a two weeks that I have not been to the gym. It has been two weeks that I have been nursing this cough and the fear of an impending fever. And I finally said enough, I have to take amox 500 to kill whatever virus that has been starting to infest my system. Though the other side of me says that the virus has another name-- overworking. Damn, what's the drug for that?

It has been twenty years since I graduated from elementary. I was forced to fly to Antique for the weekend to deliver a speech during the commencement exercises of my Alma Mater being their distiguished alumnus. Oh yes, I, myself was totally floored when my dad told me about it. The program started at eight in the morning and ended before lunch. It was nostalgic for me. I literally spent my formative years inside that school-- it was called Baybay Elementary School and later changed to Gov. Santos Capadocia Memorial School. I like the sound of it's former name-- Baybay meaning beach. Yes, the school is near the beach. It's the oldest elementary school in town and it's turning 100 next year.

It has been quite a while. And I'm smiling.

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