Tuesday, July 24, 2007


Finally, it's done. 

Some months ago, I told my editor if I can do the make-over for the September issue of Real Living and she gladly agreed. Came June, I was a bit hesitant of taking the project primarily because I am not sure of when I am leaving for my month-long vacation. While waiting for my visa (which by the way is taking toooo long and requires a a blog entry, can you imagine, I applied way before this whole make-over thing started! Whew!), I told our managing ed that maybe,  I can do it.

It was two weeks of sleep and eating disorder, irritatingly huge acne, rashes, and high strung hands-on construction work. I got to introduce the monster in me to the carpenters that even the contractor tried to avoid seeing me until now. It took two of his assistants to pacify my head-tone-nagging-session with eight of his carpenters working on a 15-square meter space.

Now that it's done, I am not sure if I made the right choice. Maybe I did. Just for the reason that I helped in making a family smile can be enough reason. Or maybe, at least the carpenters has seen the worst in me now. After all, we will still be working together for a long time for other projects.

The issue will coming out last week of August so I am still not allowed to post the photos. As of now, I take liberty in posting how it looked like before... 

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