Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Thank you...

September of 2006 marked the start of trying times in our family. It happened when all spirits were high and things are going well then we found out that my father has hepa B and liver cancer. The news tore my mom apart.  I can still remember that very morning my sister told me about it. I can still remember my mom breaking down at the corridor of St. Luke's. I have blogged it several times. 

Amidst all that, we (my eldest sister most especially) sought all avenues and means to 'do something' about my dad's illness. While all these are happening, my mom, who is fervent in her faith, continued to sing her Psalms and brought her petitions to the Great Healer. We all did. 

It was eighteen months ago. Eighteen months after his first doctor told him that he has an estimated six months left to live. 

Last week, we celebrated my dad's 68th birthday. 

I just can't help but sing my Psalms in silence. Fervently. 

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