Wednesday, October 24, 2007

europe dyaris 6


Unlike London, Paris is more carefree and young. Unlike London, Paris is more fashionable in the middle of the cold fall. Unlike London, Paris speaks french and loving it. It was very hard the first few days until I got the hang of it. Eating in a restaurant tasting the so called 'french cuisine' is a challenge whether the waiter would actually understand me, more often than not, they did, much to my delight. 

Walking the streets of Paris is like browsing through the pages of History of Western Architecture. Almost every single street in the city has a story to tell. Almost every corner is a monument standing that is hundreds of years old. And whatever carving or architectural detail we have in Manila combined, it will not match a single monument in this city. And we are just talking about the streets. Entering the Louvre is another story. You will not need books on art movements, just enter the Louvre. And it is true what they say, a day is not enough to tour the entire museum. And it is not the only museum in the city, and yes, not only the museums but also the cemeteries, about fifty percent of what you read is buried in this city. Ok I'll stop because I'm getting obvious that I'm actually overwhelmed. 

I thought I will have the same feeling when I saw the Eiffel. In daylight, from afar, the Tour Eiffel looked like a paper weight. It becomes different when you see it at night. Now, I know why it is called the City of Lights. 

It's my last night in Paris and I just finished checking-in online in Haven't packed yet but that one will be fast. I was expecting I can do some shopping in the city of lights but to my dismay, I have been to other places where the same items are sold a lot cheaper (Manila, for example) I decided not to. Besides, I really don't have the money to splurge. I'm  here in europe for the photos really, and that's about it. It was twenty five days of worthwhile experience. Went to museums, parks, the typical tourist attractions, bought post cards, ref magnets and yeah, ate the food where it is best served. Cheese and wine in Provence, ragu bolognese and pizza in Bologna, fresh milk in Amsterdam, cappuccino along the grand canal in Venice, beer in Munich, crepe in Paris (better if it was in Normandy though), fish and chips (eww!!) in London. The baguette and saucisson survived me during my train rides, and yeah I still miss rice. I miss lucky me, I miss the tinola of Bebing, I miss my family. 

Glad that I'm going home to the Philippines tomorrow.

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