Friday, March 09, 2007

Non-writer's angsts #3

"May blog ka pala?!"

I received this greeting from three different people three days in a row now. Receiving such, I felt like how they sounded- pretty much surprised.

"Nagsusulat ka pala!"

From one of the three. I was quite puzzled of the comment. Yet flattered at the same time. It is funny how people would gauge you basing it on your usual work. Mine for example is styling-- tinkering with inanimate objects (good thing they don't complain), making them look good, arrange them for the camera and shoot. Then wrapping them back again. I guess, a lot in the place where I'm working see me as that. A mere stylist. And if they find out that you are doing something apart from what they see, they get surprised. Some, even bothered. I used to hear a friend telling me to focus and just do one thing and be good at it. She has a point. Yet in my case, doing a lot of things-- different things makes my life more chaotic and therefore more fun. Monotony after all, is the curse of the professional life.

"Galeng! Galing mo magsulat!"

I have to admit, this can make my day. I just hope the two did it not to flatter me. Yet even if they did, it will still make my day. Ok admittedly, I'm a love-sick-frustrated-writer. Shamelessly admitting the fact, I am greatly offended and my ego drops to the Marianas trench everytime I am being told na hindi ako marunong magsulat.

Marunong akong magsulat. Mali lang ang spelling. Mahina sa grammar.
Pero marunong akong magsulat. Hindi lang magaling.


The Disparate Housewife said...

Honey, you are a great writer, sensitive, insightful, funny, engaging, I love reading your blog. And I love you ; )

decorator said...

thank you...

i love you too...